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Mayoral candidates agree: Stoop beers should be legal

Tired of the stoop gestapo hassling your good vibes? Vote anyone for mayor!
Tired of the Storm Stoopers hassling your good vibes? Vote anyone for mayor!

Is this finally the year we as a city throw off the shackles of silly drinking policies and liberate our stoops? If you made it to the end of last night’s Democratic mayoral primary debate without drinking yourself into a stupor, you caught moderator Errol Louis lob a question near and dear to our own hearts: “should people be able to drink a beer on their stoops?” To which every candidate — except for the religious Erick Salgado — responded “YES!” Oh, and Anthony Weiner said you should be able to drink one on the beaches and in the parks too, which is a position we agree with, but fuck that guy.

In case you didn’t know, drinking a beer or other alcoholic beverage on your private stoop is illegal because it counts as drinking in public, for some reason, and the city is riddled with people who were surprised to find themselves getting ticketed while drinking on their own property. Of course, not getting a ticket takes only the tiniest bit of foresight, but still, it feels like the stoop drinking issue is some draconian anachronistic rule that has slipped through the liberal cracks over the years.

So with every viable candidate on board, does this mean stoop beers will be legal come next year? Hold your elected officials accountable, Brooklyn.



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