So The National played at Sycamore on Tuesday

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Just a total normal day in Ditmas Park. via DP Corner

There’s always so much going on in Brooklyn, that no matter what you do with your time, you’re bound to be missing out on something. Especially if you’re working in an office or something. Bleh, who wants to do that? Especially when something like The National showing up to Sycamore to promote their new album happens. Hm? Yeah, they played there, because that’s what fantastically successful indie rock bands do, is play small bar/flower shops on a Tuesday afternoon.

Nora Whelan over at Ditmas Park Corner was in the neighborhood, and we are very jealous, because it looks like she had an awesome view of a band that’s big enough to play the LIBOR Barclays Center. Instead, they just decided, “Fuck it, let’s bring this whole publicity thing to a hyperlocal level.” There’s some more pictures and stage banter over at DP Corner, so check it out, and remember: nothing good ever came of having a day job.

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