So, how was your commute?

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The line outside Barclays for a shuttle bus. via Jim Sewastynowicz (@eyechart)

Those of us lucky enough to have power and internet and no water in our stairwells are slowly getting back to business. This includes the MTA, which has quickly reinstated limited service after the traffic nightmare that gripped the city yesterday. The talk on Twitter is that the lines for the “bus bridge” the city is running are long and make a commute hell, but that things are orderly. If you’ve taken one of the buses, what are you seeing out there? And those of you staying home, how are you taking advantage of the day? Spending it with the kids? Finally getting some reading done? Volunteering (let us know if they need help where you are)?Working from home?

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  1. super lot of helicopters around Barclays area this morning. Whoever is carpooling in those is winning the day.

  2. Left apartment in Bushwick at 8:39am. Hopped the J train at Flushing to Hewes at 8:55am (came right as my roommate and I arrived). There was a short line at the shuttle bus at Hewes, but the line moved fast and shuttles weren’t crowded. Arrived at 3rd ave and 53rd at 9:53, after making stops along the way. Total commute was an hour and a half to Times Square – not bad.

  3. I took three buses from brooklyn to elmhurst in queens. On average it took three hrs to get there.B44 to williamsburg..B62 to LI city then Q32 to elmhurst/jackson heights area..I hope I never have to do this again!

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