Post-Sandy Day 2: Who’s staying home from work?

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The traffic scene in downtown Brooklyn.

So Sandy came for a visit and was possibly the worst houseguest the city has seen since the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. But now she’s off to wreck other parts of America, leaving us to dig out and figure out what comes next. Despite our disaster area, businesses are getting back to the grind and people have to tear themselves away from their unexpected vcacation to put on a suit and tie. At least some people have to. Do you?

Have you been called into work? If you have, are you even gonna bother going in, or do you have a hangover cold? Meanwhile, subway service is still fakakta and the busses are free, but sure to be crowded. Like, Nepal-style crowded. So how are you faring getting around out there without the train? Have we reached the point yet where people actually miss the G train? Will we ever get to that point? Let us know in the comments. We’ll be here today, updating you on what’s going on for Halloween, which, and it makes sense if you forgot, is today.

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  1. I live in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, and work in Midtown. My office is closed, but my building is open so I could feasibly go in. However, the Twitter shots of the traffic situation are enough to deter me. How are the buses even rerouting from Brooklyn to Manhattan when the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel is flooded? That is a question for tomorrow, it seems.

    For now, I am resigned to another day of taking instagram pics of downed trees in Prospect Park and venturing to the local bookstores just to discover that the whole borough thought GONE GIRL was the best pick for storm reading and it is out of stock.

    In other words, please let me know if anyone is renting bicycles during this time so I can escape my neighborhood.

  2. My workplace (5th ave retail – midtown lameness) is open today. But I am not paying $60 both ways for a car service, nor, will I take 4 buses and spend at least 2 hours trying to get there. So today, I shall continue bonding with my couch. Not sure what I will do tomorrow, or Friday. Nevermind how the marathon will play out… Trying to live in the present and not worry too much.

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