SNL provides sneak preview for season three of ‘Girls’

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The bonds of female friendship just work differently in Albania, we guess

Now that Breaking Bad is over, save for the Saul Goodman spinoff, America finds itself with a potential TV deficit. What will rule our viewing habits, since it definitely won’t be Low Winter Sun? We could all watch Girls, we suppose, since it got the official SNL seal of approval via parody this past weekend. Even better for the show, it was bossypants herself, Tina Fey, doing the skewering, playing the show’s newest main character, an Eastern European named Blerta.

So yes, it’s true, there’s no middle class angst in Albania. Or at least we’ve been led to believe there isn’t. The parody hit pretty much all the right notes, was better than Robots (as all parodies are) had a creepily good Adam and could perhaps signal that the rest of America is ready to watch the show. Because after you’ve seen it on SNL, you don’t want to not get the joke. Plus all you Lena Dunham haters got to see her fall victim to a savage burn…oh, well, maybe not. Next time, guys.

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