Smash your pumpkins with the Parks Department this weekend

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To be fair, this is what it looks like when a pumpkin explodes, not when it is merely smashed.

Halloween has come and gone, and like the more well known follow up holiday Boxing Day in the U.K., it’s gourd crushing time in the U.S. Gourds are fun to say and, depending on skill level, enjoyable to carve, but cleaning them up is by no means a joy – unless you do it dramatically.

Anyone can awkwardly stuff a half rotten pumpkin into a trash can, or even more awkwardly attempt to pulverize it within your limited living space, but this Sunday, November 5, the NYC Parks Department invites all those in possession of an actively souring pumpkin to come destroy it in style in Carroll Gardens.


Check out the Parks Department's website and follow the pumpkin icons for other smashing events across the city
Check out the Parks Department’s website and follow the pumpkin icons for other smashing events across the city

The smashing will take place rain or shine from 9am to noon at the Carroll Gardens Greenmarket in Carroll Park on Carroll St. Now, instead of letting, “your pumpkins and gourds haunt a landfill,” you can cathartically destroy them, donating them back to the earth so their molecules can be reincarnated into all aspects of your life.

Think of it as one of the more aggressive forms of composting. Gourds of all kind are welcome.

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