Slay some Buffy trivia and 10 other free things to do this week

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Do you know who this is? Great, you can answer at least one question at Buffy trivia. via Facebook

1. Say hello to Rough Trade, Williamsburg’s newest record store, by hanging out at their opening night concert by soul singer Charles Bradley (Monday)

2. DJ Jonny Romero is spinning some dad jams in Fort Greene, so show up in your vintage T-Bird and get ready for a Seeger-heavy night, we guess (Monday)

3. Attend a serious discussion about the future of the welfare state in Europe, both because the experiment there could affect things here, and because you can sit in back and make fart noises with your hands and mouth (Monday)

4. The Simpsons Club reveals the answer in the mystery of who shot Mr. Burns, and also looks at Springfield’s Hollywood experience when the Radioactive Man movie starts filming there (Monday)

5. Make those teenage years watching the WB worth something by winning Buffy: The Vampire Slayer trivia at the Brooklyn Winery, without breaking a sweat (Tuesday)

6. Danny Brown is also gracing Rough Trade NYC with his presence, so go rock out and ask him what it’s like to be the hottest rapper out there, or what being in the “Like A Rolling Stone” video was like (Tuesday)

7. Get a reminder that wherever you go home for Thanksgiving could be a lot weirder by watching some Twin Peaks at The Exley (Tuesday)

8. Of course, if just watching Twin Peaks lacks the competitive edge you’re looking for, you can watch and win by playing Twin Peaks bingo at Videology (Wednesday)

9. Give thanks for free laughter at the Big Terrific Comedy Show at the Cameo Gallery (Wednesday)

10. It may be Thanksgiving, but that’s no reason to not sing your heart out at karaoke. Do a song by The Cranberries, to be thematically appropriate (Thursday)

11. Take a trip to South Central at a screening of Poetic Justice, and think about how warm it is in California (Friday)

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