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Silent Barn gets a little louder with booze license

Get a good look at your evening's gracious hosts one last sober time. Via Facebook.
Get a good look at your evening’s gracious hosts one last sober time. Via Facebook.

The Silent Barn is back and open for business! Well, okay, the Silent Barn has been back and open for business since the beginning of this year, and damn, they have been busy. With shows bangin’ almost every night, art installations gettin’ installed, and their barber shop choppin’ locks on the regular, you can hardly say that the folks behind the Silent Barn haven’t been on the grind. But something’s been missing. And that thing is booze. But after a long wait that has effectively served as a true testament to the ecstatic suspense that bureaucracy can sometimes bring us, the Silent Barn has finally received their beer and wine license, and they’re ready to celebrate.

The new Silent Barn was already dope as hell. Huge and multifaceted, the space fostered art, creativity, spontaneity, and the DIY spirit that drives many a Brooklyn legend. Their rooms functioned as living space, performance space, recording studios, a barber shop, a record store, and who even really knows what else? And now, they’re opening their doors to the public to come and drink all over their place (their words) tonight…and forever.

Tonight, admission to the Silent Barn is free, and booze will be everywhere, maybe all over you. Come and do what you will (respectfully). No BYOB – support the space! Drink and look at art-y stuff! Get your hair cut! Play with their machine-thing that sometimes explodes fruit! The possibilities are endless. Be there tonight for when they begin.

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