Short documentary ‘BUSK’ takes you inside the lives of city’s buskers

busker documentary
He’s got a point, there are worse people on the subway than drummers. Like people who don’t move in to the damn car

You encounter plenty of buskers in your time in the city, but do you ever get to know them? Probably not, because you’re usually commuting and on the verge of murdering someone anyway and they’re making the most noise. But BUSK, a short documentary directed by Ramon┬áNyitrai asks you to look at them as people and presents the stories of a bucket drummer, a banjo strummer, a human beatbox and a pair of Union Square crooners who spend their time playing music in the subway.

Like we said, we get it that a lot of times you might think the music is a nuisance and makes your eye twitch. Still, it’s cool to actually get a glimpse of the lives people who see busking as adventurous, a way to make money that isn’t begging or robbing people or a way to break out. Plus, you get to learn that busking used to punishable by death in ancient Roman times. Those dudes didn’t fuck around.

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