Shark? attack hitting Rippers to benefit the Rockaways Saturday

Like this, but at the beach. via Facebook
Like this, but at the beach. via Facebook

Man, Rippers is really gonna be the place to be this weekend. Not that it usually isn’t a great place to be, but not only are they hosting short film selections from the Queens World Film Festival on the beach in front of them on Saturday, but they’re also hosting a sweet concert to benefit Restore Rockaway with a whole bunch of summer-friendly garage rockers.

The Restore Rockaway benefit goes down Saturday at 6pm at Rippers, which as we all know at this point, is at the boardwalk and Beach 86th Street. It’ll feature all the scuzzy garage rock you could possibly want from a late summer evening, from Sleepies, EULA, Big Ups, Shark? (who hate California girls) and Low Fat Getting High.

Now, the show¬†is free, but they’ll be accepting donations for Restore Rockaway, who could still use all the help people are willing to give them. So be really willing and dig deep in that ratty beat up wallet of yours, because if we don’t get Rockaway back on its feet, Sandy wins. And the only thing a hurricane should win in New York is a steady stream of middle fingers and “fuck yous.”

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