Coming soon: Free movies on the beach at Rockaway

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See some sharp love (and possibly sharp kittens) at Rippers this weekend. via Facebook

It’s raining now, so let’s think about the weekend and the sun and the beach. Also let’s think about watching the best movies Queens filmmakers can come up with as the sun goes down  over the beach. Visualizing that? OK great, because you can make it a reality if you had to Rippers on Saturday to enjoy Queens World Film Festival Night.

The night will focus on some of the best short films that were shown at the festival earlier this year, with 5 of the 9 movies from Queens filmmakers. The remaining four shorts are from Europe, but that’s OK. The movies run the gamut from a surfing documentary and one about saving the Jamaica Bay wildlife refuge to a feature about a father trying to connect with his estranged teenage daughter. It all goes down at dusk on on the beach by Beach 86th Street and is 100% free. We heartily recommend getting a burger and some cheese fries from Rippers. Maybe even two burgers if you’re real hungry.

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