Revel in art school pretension at Videology’s Bullshit Olympics

Some people just don’t get it

As beret-toting creatives, we take ourselves pretty seriously–and rightly so. We’ve read Proust, we’ve listened to Bitches Brew, we’ve seen Wild Strawberries, we know Art. We’re inspired dammit! and we have thoughts on the nature of truth and beauty and darkness that have never been thought before, nope not even remotely. Videology is snickering at us for some reason though, probably because their taste is manufactured and not a channel to seek a higher intellectual purpose. They claim we’re passing through some phase, that they had a pretentious artistic past as well. Phase? Past? We and our Art believe in eternalism, thank you very much. And we and our art believe in commanding respect and a lot of attention, which is why you’ll see us showing up to their Bullshit Olympics in protest. Because it is only by reading our latest brilliant existentialist musings that we will enlighten these poor, lost souls.

Ok, we’ll try to tone it down, but only briefly. If you’ve been in our place of constant intellectual inspiration, or are still there, join some artistes as they share¬†their yesterselves’ most enlightening works, from film school shorts to essays on artistic truth (yes! speak!) to thespians sharing the pieces they thought would know will make them the next Chekhov. The salon begins at 7pm next Wednesday and is a chance to laugh at your more pretentious art student days, and possibly weep over how much debt it’s earned you. We’ll try not to get too defensive, but prepare for at least a little bit of scarf tossing.

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