Hottie hunting at Occupy Wall Street protest

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photos by Anna Jacobson

Occupy Wall Street may be a great place to score some free pizza, join in a few chants, or air your legitimate grievances. For the singles among us, it is also the perfect opportunity to strike up conversation with a cutie. “What does your sign say?” is the protest version of “What’s your sign?” Don’t be too shy if you go downtown — most of those interviewed said they wait for a potential suitor to make the first move. Get your flirt on, but make tracks before the police break out the zip-tie handcuffs. Here, some of the Zuccotti hotties we encountered on Sunday afternoon:

Emmorie E., 20 – Ridgewood

Interested in: mostly men, but open
When not occupying Wall Street, she’s a: musician, painter, and Go-Go dancer
Favorite date: Central Park picnic with wine, cheese, and intriguing conversation


Stefan Bondell, 30 – downtown Manhattan

Interested in: women
When not occupying Wall Street, he’s a: fulltime painter and poet
Favorite date: taking a boat across the Atlantic


Amanda Poon, 24 – Brooklyn

Interested in: men
When not occupying Wall Street, she’s an: anthropology student
Favorite date: anything near the water


Jeffrey Valdez, 22 – Bronx

Interested in: women
When not occupying Wall Street, he’s: training people for the Board of Elections
Favorite date: relaxing and enjoying herbal tea together

Chris Dapice, 26 – Brooklyn

Interested in: men
When not occupying Wall Street, he’s: riding his bike, looking for a job
Favorite date: walking on the beach


Joan Lin, 22 – Malaysia

Interested in: not looking
When not occupying Wall Street, she’s a: communications major
Favorite date: walking over a bridge/through a park


Phoenix, 21 – Auckland, NZ

Interested in: women
When not occupying Wall Street, he’s a: liberal arts student
Favorite date: sleeping out on the Liberty Plaza

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  1. Wow. Who knew that there were so many good lookins’ out there amongst the unemployed? Maybe someone can get a job as a matchmaker. One down, 6 million more to go.

  2. You read my mind! I was down there tonight and my conversation with a fellow single female went like this: being unemployed sucks > our taxes are too high considering we don’t get healthcare > corporations don’t pay their fair share in taxes > the guys occupying wall street are really hot. 

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