Love also burns, but you can get a free test for that

Hep C: not your friend
Hep C: not your friend

We’ve gone over the dangers lurking out there in the dating world, like syphilis, waiting for you after you use the CrazyBlindDate app or BangWithProfessionals. If you’ve got an inkling that you’ve picked something up, don’t panic. Not exclusively anyway. You should also march yourself down to one of the free clinics offering free STD testing this week.

The Community Healthcare Network, which has locations in Williamsburg, Crown Heights and East New York, is opening their doors to the borough for free tests for HIV and Hepatitis-C. You can get a test anytime the clinics are open, and the results come back in about 20 minutes. We won’t lie, if you have any doubt about whether you’re clean, go get yourself tested before you run around trying to get laid for Valentine’s Day. It’s just rude not to. Also, remember science says it feels the same when you wrap it up.

[h/t DNAInfo]

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