Scientists: sex actually still awesome with a condom

Totally unbiased sources agree. via Vando Comics
Totally unbiased sources agree. via Vando Comics

Oh sure everyone knows they should use condoms, but everyone also knows they’ll come up with plenty of excuses not to use them, chief of among them “it just feels better.” But have your nerve endings and brain been lying to you this whole time? The Atlantic found a University of Indiana study that says yes, they were. Well, there goes that excuse.

Researchers from UI studied data recorded on sexually active people between the ages of 18 and 59, that was in the National Survey of Health and Behavior. What secrets lay within? Turns out that men and women both reported sex was pleasurable, even if a condom was used. Over 25 percent of women in the data said they couldn’t even tell when a condom was being used. Is this just a thing where people are determined to not say they found sex less than awesome because they don’t want to seem lame? Possibly, but it’s also another opportunity to remind you that terrible things are lurking out in the sexual playing field but that you can protect yourself for free.

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