See who the king of handball is in Coney Island this weekend

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Watch people slap some balls around at Coney Island

Did you grow up playing handball? It’s pretty easy to, no? All you need is a wall and a ball that will bounce some, and you can get to slapping at it with your friends. Turning your environment into a game is a hallmark of New York City of course, which explains why there are enough awesome handball players to convene a whole one-on-one tournament in Coney Island this Saturday.

If you aren’t the type that stops on the street to watch people slap at the blue ball or if you didn’t cut class in high school to play handball, you’re in for an education. Provided it doesn’t rain, the Red Bull Slaps 2013 tournament will bring together NYC’s 96 best handball players and have them face off against each other until one is crowned handball champion of the city. Given that handball has been thriving in the city for over 100 years, there’s bound to be some awesome skill on display, and best of all, all of this athletic grace and skill comes to you free.

Red Bull Slaps, Saturday, June 8, 10am – 6pm, Asser Levy Courts, W. 5th Street and Surf Avenue, FREE

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