Bay Ridge/ Bensonhurst

See Romeo and Juliet, Bensonhurst-style

Picture 2Since it’s a classic Italian tale that works wherever it’s set, we imagine a South Brooklyn version of  Romeo and Juliet should go over especially well. Bensonhurst is where the Genesis Repertory Ensemble calls home, and their season-opening production is set right there on the company’s own turf. Genesis has been setting classic plays in not-so-classic settings since they debuted in 1999 with Hamlet in Kennedy-era Washington D.C. Romeo and Juliet opens this weekend (Fri., May 7 & Sat., May 8) with a Russian-Jewish Romeo and Palestinian Juliet. We’re not sure if Little Italy comes into play—maybe that would have been too easy.

All the shows, on Fridays and Saturdays through May 22, start at 8 p.m. and tickets are $15 ($10 for seniors & students). The company boasts some Broadway-level design and direction, bloody fight scenes, and even Russian and Arabic translations. Tickets and more info here.

Genesis Repertory Ensemble at The Block Institute, 376 bay 44th St., 718-492-0534

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