See pizza love, 16 other free ways to spend your week

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Sure HANK Comedy’s story of a man who marries a pizza slice seems cliche, but maybe they’ll bring something new to the table Friday at Videology

1. powerHouse Arena supports the troops by hosting a reading from Redeployment, Iraq veteran Phi Klay’s short story collection about soldiers’ experiences at war and at home (Monday)

2. Game Night rolls the dice on another set of comedians this month, including Dan St. Germain, Drew Michael and Ryan Beck (Monday)

3. Or check out upstart new comedy show kid on the block Side Ponytail at Over the Eight (Monday)

4. Mondays inevitably have a dangerous lack of soul, so get some in there with a brass band concert at The Plank (Monday)

5. The Brooklyn Historical Society has a free screening of Freedom Riders, so that you can learn how much it cost people to get freedom, for free (Tuesday)

6. Local gardening hero Emily-Bell Dinan, of Roger That Community Garden, talks about getting her hands dirty at the Way Station’s Cities+ speaker series (Tuesday)

7. Secret Science Club hosts cognitive scientist Paul Bloom, who says humans are born with a moral compass. Which means yours must be hopelessly broken (Tuesday)

8. Filthy communists Jacobin start their book discussion series at powerHouse with a talk on books about sex work, contemporary Marxism and teachers unions (Wednesday)

9. You have another Communist-tinged option as well, with a presentation on contemporary life in Cuba and the agricultural movement known as permaculture at Brooklyn Launchpad (Wednesday)

10. Spring is here, and that means baseball, and that means author Caryn Rose and her pals talking baseball at WORD (Wednesday)

11. It’s time once again to sail the literary humor seas with Bob Powers at Greenlight’s comedy show Steamboat, this month featuring Flavorwire’s Jason Diamond and Cracked’s Wayne Gladstone (Thursday)

12. Sportswriter Kostya Kennedy talks Pete Rose, baseball’s hit king and and black eye before steroids but after institutionalized racism, at BookCourt (Thursday)

13. Comedians Chloe Hilliard, Streeter Seidell and Seth Herzog tell some jokes and then talk about their favorite terrible movies at the Low Standards show (Thursday)

14. Opera On Tap at Freddy’s is your chance to both drink up some alcohol and drink up some culture at the same time. You still only get drunk from the alcohol though (Thursday)

15. Eight of Swords tattoo shop hosts Susan Crawford’s Wild Kingdom paintings. If you really like something, you can get it inked on right then and there, but we’d sleep on the idea (Friday)

16. The Knitting Factory hosts Tennessee garage rockers Blackfoot Gypsies, so head on over and give them a New York welcome. Actually, scratch that, go and be polite (Friday)

17. Web series HANK premiers at Videology, and while we’re not sure what it’s about exactly, it looks like it’s the familiar story of a man falling in love with a giant, anthropomorphic slice of pizza (Friday)

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