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See Jon Glaser at a bonkers read-through of a screenplay at Sunday’s Macaulay Culkin Show

jon glaser
Glaser studies up on his lines. Photo by Mindy Tucker, via Facebook

One great thing about the Brooklyn comedy scene is that you’ll come across TV-famous comedians doing weird things at an affordable price. Case in point: Jon Glaser, who you might know from Delocated or Parks and Recreation or Girls or even as the voice of Oog from Aqua Teen Hunger Force will be at Shea Stadium this weekend to do a live reading of an unproduced screenplay written by the Macaulay Culkin Show’s Brett Davis, called “Whenever Possible Forever.” It’s like TV, but you’re right there and can touch the actors (please don’t touch the actors).

Whenever Possible Forever” apparently came about when Glaser had to turn down an invitation to do the Macaulay Culkin Show in 2014, leading Davis to tell him he’d have him on “Whenever possible, forever.” Glaser took the invitation, but only on the condition Davis wrote a screenplay by the same name, which he did. So, this Sunday, for five dollars, you can see Glaser, Davis, Sally Burtnick and all of their friends do a live performance of the screenplay.

Since this is an as-of-yet-unproduced screenplay, we asked one of the hosts to let us in on what “Whenever Possible Forever” is about, and Sally Burtnick gave us the official synopsis:

In what we used to know as America, Peter Cetera takes young man with mysterious power under his wing in hopes of saving the world from warlocks and demons from hell. During their quest, they meet a strange cast of characters, some of which can help, and ALL of who can hurt them. Can a smooth sax line save us all? Guess you’ll have to come and see.

Is that really what it’s about? If you’ve been to the Macaulay Culkin Show previously, this all sounds about in line with how things work there, so yeah, this might be what the screenplay is about.

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