Turn Boyz II Men and 8 other ways to spend your weekend

Remember the days when you wished they’d make love to you. via Feed it to my Goldfish

1. Remember a time when America made Boyz in II Men. (Friday)

2. You know what they say about people in glass houses: they’re excellent bellydancers. That’s what they say, right? (Friday)

3. Remember, unlike Black Friday, you don’t need to stab your neighbor for a deal at Small Business Saturday, both the Atlantic Avenue and Fulton Street happenings. (Saturday)

4. Get a haircut! No really, if you’ve been meaning to, this one will help Red Hook. (Saturday)

5. Check out movies about misleading identities, both of the gender and racial variety. (Saturday)

6. And then stick around Freddy’s for a shred-pop benefit¬†for Sandy. You kids and your new music genres. (Saturday)

7. Anything called a Puke-A-Thon can’t be all bad. (Saturday)

8. Learn to cope with the small irritants in life so you can spend more time being cranky about the big picture, like the solar system will one day be swallowed by our dying Sun. (Sunday)

9. The Brooklyn Recovery Fund has some pretty good friends helping them out, like Eugene Mirman, Mike Birbiglia and Wyatt Cenac. (Sunday)

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