Two more ways to help Red Hook: drinking and getting gussied up

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There’s something undeniably great about getting a fresh haircut. It’s a quick way to boost your confidence, forget how you felt about yourself prior to taking a few inches off the top and reveling in the brand new person you’ve become. That same confidence can just as easily come from finishing your first beer, and coincidentally enough, there are two events coming up to help Red Hook, that can give you that confidence and a charitable glow.

This Saturday, November 24, between 10am and 2pm, Park Slope’s Salon Bohemia (437 7th Avenue) is raising money for the Red Hook Initiative by giving out $30 walk-in haircuts, with all the proceeds going to RHI. Considering that a haircut there usually costs at least $45, this sounds like a good way to pretty yourself up before the onslaught of holiday parties begins.

And when you’ve had some time to get used to your new haircut swag, you can take it down to the Hamilton Gallery Theater (498 Court Street) to hang out at their benefit for Red Hook institution Sunny’s Bar, one week later, on December 1. There’s going to be readings and performances from Brooklyn literary salon Trip City and music from bands that grace Sunny’s stage regularly. Admission is $25 and you get a free beer with your ticket, and all of the proceeds go towards Sunny’s.

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