Money Island: Talent show awards future freaks

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Not sure what the talent is, but there's a glass, so... Photo by Flickr's Elena Mattasoglio

Everyone has a talent, but if yours is professionally useless, dangerous or offensive, there’s a good chance it’s gone unrecognaized. It’s like, everyone has time for art openings and your roommate’s band, but when it comes to your knack for juggling torches, forget about it. Come July, that might very well change, and if your talent is cool enough, you could win cash! Who is this benefactor who wants to reward your circusy talents? It’s Thirsty Girl Productions, the host of this year’s 2nd Annual Coney Island Talent Show, which will take place on the Coney Island boardwalk July 30.

Billed as “a spectacle of sunshine and lollipops on the boardwalk,” categories include “Creative kids 9-12 years old,” “Creative kids 13-17 years old,” “Circus Freaks & Sideshow Geeks” and the charmingly vague “Song & Dance.” And as if that weren’t reason enough to join in on the fun, the show will be hosted by burlesque dancer, MC, and performance artist *BOB*, who, according to her About Me, possesses the “incredible ability to mix martinis in her cleavage.” Talent indeed!

I know, I know: the prizes. First prize in each category is $250 cash, as well as day passes to participating Coney Island Amusements; 2nd prize is $100 plus the passes, too; 3rd prize nets a respectable $50, plus tickets to participating Coney Island Amusements.

To apply: download and fill out the form, and send it to Thirsty Girl founder Jen Gapay at [email protected] by July 15. A “panel of top-secret Coney Island talent experts” will select seven in each category. And if you find yourself one of the lucky 28, be sure to dress sharp, because the best-dressed person in each category will receive a special mystery prize. Mystery prize!

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