Scott Rogowsky amplifies everyday NYC conversations in ‘Booming NYC’

scott rogowsky
You never know who’s listening

What do your friends, neighbors and people you just see talking at the park talk about? Pizza, whether or not a guy met them, how you can’t hide from God. And how do they talk about it? Lackadaisically, excitedly, authoritatively. Or at least that’s what we learned from watching Scott Rogowsky’s new video, “Booming NYC,” in which he held a boom mic next to unsuspecting New Yorkers and recorded their conversations.

Whether or not everyone in the video realized they were being mic’ed up is unclear. If they noticed, they showed a remarkable nonchalance about the whole thing, but then, there have been so many film shoots in the city at this point that maybe people are just willing to accept that they’re part of theĀ Maid in Manhattan sequel or whatever bullshit is filming at the moment. Make sure you look out for the person doing the perfect cartwheel in the background around the 1:50 mark. That person is the real star of the video.

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