School out, fitness in: discount yoga for NYC teachers

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Sometimes it seems like there’s yoga for every stripe of Brooklynite: free city sponsored yoga in Williamsburg, a handful of pay-what-you-wish yoga around the borough and even some online workouts for the stay-at-home-yogi. But how about a deal for a particularly stressed out folk who could benefit from a good downward facing dog? Plaza Wellness in Prospect Heights is offering unlimited $5 yoga classes all month to NYC school teachers. Just show your United Federation of Teachers card or other proof of employment to take advantage. 

Check Plaza Wellness’s website for the full schedule of classes and descriptions. The fitness center is located at 36 Plaza St. in Prospect Heights near Grand Army Plaza. The yoga classes offered vary in style from gentle hatha to vigorous vinyasa. All are open-level and suitable for beginners and advanced students.

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  1. All Month = June? I don’t see this on their website, so hoping that’s the case. Stinks that this wasn’t publicized until half-way through the month, though!

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