Say goodbye to Brooklyn’s last Blockbuster by buying a piece of it

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How did we ever live in a world of late fees? via the Bensonhurst Bean

If you thought there were no more Blockbusters in Brooklyn, or anywhere for that matter, no one would fault you for it. The video chain, once ubiquitous, fell on hard times thanks to competition from internet piracy, streaming movie services and if we’re being honest, kind of airless and boring stores. Blockbuster had one last outpost in Bensonhurst, but now the Bensonhurst Bean reports that location can’t hold out any longer. Driven out by bullies like Videology, no doubt. Blockbuster’s pain is your gain though, because the store is having a two-month fire sale on everything from the movies to the furniture.  

The store started selling off its inventory two days ago and will continue to do so until April 7. If you want my advice, which you should because I’ve raided closing Blockbusters before, get there early, because people buy the better movies and video games quickly. And sure you might luck out and find Rachel Getting Married in the final days, but it’s more likely you end up with something like Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in AmericaOr Crime + Punishment in Suburbia.

You can also buy the store shelves or the signs if you want to recreate the “To Be or Not to Be” from Ethan Hawke’s Hamlet. The Bean has more on what the store meant to Bensonhurst, so be sure to check out their full post before you head down there to fill up your giant Ikea bag with movies.

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