Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

Saucy: Yes, there was a naked waitress at Roberta’s

Normal day in the neighborhood. via Twitter user @VickyOyomba
Normal day in the neighborhood. via Twitter user @VickyOyomba

At some places, when you retire, they give you a gold watch. Others, a cake maybe. At Roberta’s though, they do things differently. Been working there for years and moving on? Sure, waitress naked for a couple hours, no harm in that.

The reactions around the internet have varied, with Gawker wondering if the relative lack of attention around this until now mean that “Bushwick is over” and the Daily Mail getting really British tabloid-y about it, putting NAKED in all caps and calling Roberta’s the Clinton’s favorite pizza joint. Which would be news to both parties we’re sure. As a former employee of the place, I can tell you the stunt was deemed awesome and the waitress is enough of a pro to not have ended up with food all over her crotch. Our only question is whether the Outdoor Topless Co-ed Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society is going to try to one-up her.


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