Saturday, see Ludlow and Rivington become (an unofficial) Beastie Boys Square

beastie boys
They’re pretty pumped about it too.

The Beastie Boys have about as solid a musical legacy in New York City as anyone, and while MCA has a park, the group don’t have a street corner named after them. LeRoy McCarthy, he of Christopher Wallace Way, attempted to get the corner of Ludlow and Rivington, where the Paul’s Boutique album cover photo was taken, named Beastie Boys Square, but he had his plan rejected. So he’s doing the next best thing by curating a mural on the corner in order to make an unofficial Beastie Boys Square, and you can see it as it goes up on Saturday, July 26 starting at 11am.

According to a press release, the mural tribute to the Beastie Boys is being painted by Danielle Mastrion and will be going up outside the Wolfnight Restaurant (99 Rivington Street). The mural painting starts at 11am and will go, according to McCarthy, until Mastrion is done painting. It’s a nice gesture, and possibly even a more correct one than our idea of making a brass monkey, since it turns out we were completely wrong about that.

Should you bring your 80s-style boombox and blast “Shake Your Rump” and “Get it Together” and “Paul Revere”? Well, we can’t tell you to go be a public nuisance, but if there’s ever been an art event which should be accompanied by your breakdancing, it’s definitely this one. By the way, today is the 25th anniversary of the release of Paul’s Boutique, and it’s Friday so no one expects you to do work. So here’s this:


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