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Let’s rename St. James and Fulton ‘Christopher Wallace Way’

Oh sorry, are YOU widely seen as the best MC of all time? Didn't think so. via Facebook
Oh sorry, are YOU widely seen as the best MC of all time? Didn’t think so. via Facebook

Biggie Smalls was many things in life: mayoral candidate, rap slayer, hooker layer. He’s also STILL in the conversation as being the GOAT, despite the fact that it’s been 17 years since he’s released an album. Given that he’s an enormously successful Brooklyn icon known the world over, we fully support this petition calling on Community Board 2 and the City Council to rename  St. James Place and Fulton Street Christopher Wallace Way.

Biggie is enough of a, um, big deal to make news when his childhood home was put on the market. So why shouldn’t he have a piece of the block he grew up on named for him? Look at all the people that miles of street are named after in Brooklyn despite being slave owners, and tell us that he doesn’t deserve the same honor after ending up an internationally recognizable Brooklyn icon.

The guidelines for co-naming streets, laid out here by Community Board 2, say that you need to take the issue in front of their Transportation and Public Safety Committee, before your application goes to the whole community board, and then in front of the City Council. So, if you live in the boundaries of Community Board 2, after signing this petition, we’d recommend getting some people together to start working CB2’s Transportation and Public Safety Committee. If only so we could see who on the City Council would have the guts to vote against the Notorious B.I.G.

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  1. gene99

    Now, if more streets were named for rappers, think of the fun you’d have giving directions: “Make a left at Biggie Smalls Street, and take a right on Ol Dirty Bastard. Bembe is on the corner of Faboulous and Buckshot.

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