Bed Stuy/ Bushwick

SantaCon passing on Bushwick

There’s still a lot of conspiracy and mystery as far as we’re concerned. via Flickr user Dave Bledsoe

There was gnashing of teeth and plenty of protest, and in the end it turned out that Bushwick is maybe more of a Chrimbus town than a Christmas town, because SantaCon organizers officially announced that they weren’t converging on Bushwick for New York City’s most hated bar crawl. If it was ever really showing up there to begin with…

amNewYork talked with a SantaCon organizer, anonymous as always, who claimed that while there were interest from “a few Bushwick bars,” the group had determined Bushwick didn’t have the capacity to host an event like SantaCon. Which while true, smacks a little of Baghdad Bob explaining how great things are going for the Iraqi army. Regardless of why the retreat from Bushwick actually, happened, the organizer also told the paper that there there were a “half-dozen” neighborhoods that the bar crawl was considering, so five more New York neighborhoods have the potential to go through this song and dance in the next couple of weeks. Should be fun.

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