Salute Jean-Claude Van Damme, and 17 more free ways to kick ass this week

Take on the week
Take on the week

1. Share your poems, stories, and jokes with the strangers who really care at Kings County Saloon‘s Open Mic. (Monday)

2. Hear Rob Lieber discuss his latest book on how parents should talk to their kids about money, and either thank or resent your parents for the financial wisdom they passed you. (Monday)

3. Your smarts could win you booze, which we hear make you even smarter, at The Grand National’s Brooklyn Trivia. (Tuesday)

4. Find out what great storytellers scientists can be at The Story Collider: Stories about Science. (Tuesday)

5. Learn how to get your art or photography project off the ground and build an audience for it at this panel at Kickstarter. (Tuesday)

6. Or learn how to write about music, in ways that don’t involve writing “SUCKS” in the BrooklynVegan comments section, from a bevy of professionals from Flavorwire, Pitchfork, New York and more at WORD. (Tuesday)

7. Get your well-needed dose of classy at Regina Opera Company’s The Barber of Seville. (Tuesday)

8. Something tells us Anthony DeVito, Carmen Lagala, and the rest of the comics at OMGBFFLOLCLUB 3 should be the voice of our generation. (Tuesday)

9. Drown your sorrows in free vegan cupcakes and Fiona Apple’s greatest hits at Cry & Wine: A Party for Your Feelings. (Wednesday)

10. Videology’s Oh My Science is a science documentary comedy show featuring sketch video, live character bits, nature footage, and plenty of other media to keep you laughing and involuntarily learning. (Wednesday)

11. Get into your women’s history month groove with the launch of this biography about labor leader and feminist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. (Wednesday)

12. It’s nice to give newcomers to the city a warm welcome, especially when the newcomer is beer, so celebrate the arrival of Boulevard Brewing Co. as they take over the taps at Covenhoven. (Wednesday)

13. Prepare for the boisterous revelry of St. Paddy’s Day with some boisterous laughter at Summer Camp Comedy Show: The Irish Eyes are Smiling edition. (Wednesday)

14. Put in your Thursday giggles with Comedy Central’s Adam Newman at It’s Sooo Up & Coming comedy night at 739 Franklin. (Thursday)

15. The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour is what happens when you give comics a week and no rehearsal time to put together sketches, character studies, and some songs. (Thursday)

16. Honor the ass-kicking hero that was Jean-Claude Van Damme with trivia, comedy, and a tight pants/high kick competition at Videology. (Friday)

17. Laugh and dance with local comics at The Big Weird Patio Show. (Friday)

18. Pout and scowl at all the art at the opening reception of Grumpy Bert’s Cravings. (Friday)

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