Running Late runs to new home, snags Eugene Mirman as first guest

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Eugene Mirman

Much like fall is the season when TV networks roll out new episodes of their shows, fall is also apparently the season when Brooklyn’s talk shows roll out their new seasons. Of course, TV has the advantage of you not wanting to leave the house because it’s cold, so Brooklyn’s live talk shows have responded by rolling out the big guns. Late Night Basement saw an appearance from Yael Stone of Orange Is The New Black to open its new season, and now Running Late with Scott Rogowsky is kicking things up a notch at its season premiere on Wednesday by pulling both Eugene Mirman and Demetri Martin as the first guests for the show’s new home at Littlefield.

Running Late, you’ll remember, was one of our favorite comedy shows in Brooklyn and an example of the borough’s new fascination with live talk shows. And after debuting the Brooklyn leg of his show at DUMBO’s Galapagos, Scott Rogowsky  moved the production over to Littlefield. Why? In an email he told us that while they had fun at Galapagos, moving to Littlefield lets Running Late join the already impressive comedy lineup that has passed through the venue like Hot Tub and The Rejection Show, along with the current hit Night Train with Wyatt Cenac. Rogowsky also mentioned that living so close to Littlefield was a big plus for him, considering his commitment to keeping things local:

Seeing as how this show is Running Late’s two-year anniversary, it makes sense that they’ve gone big with the comedy guests. In addition to Mirman and Martin making appearances on stage with Rogowsky, Grizz Chapman will be there. You’ll recognize Chapman from his appearance in a Brokelandia video about yoga, and possibly from his stint on 30 Rock, which apparently ran for a few years on the NBC network.

Running Late With Scott Rogowsky, Wednesday October 23, 8pm, Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street, Gowanus, $8 online/$10 door

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