Hang in the (late night) basement, 11 other weekend ideas

Yael Stone will tell you all about life in (fake) prison
Yael Stone will tell you all about life in (fake) prison when she appears on Late Night Basement

1. Greene Grape has twice the amount of whiskey to sell as they used to have, so they’re celebrating by inviting us all to come on down and try some of it (Friday)

2. Think you’re the second coming of GG Allin? Then get up and prove it at live band punk rock karaoke at the Rock Shop (Friday)

3. Late Night Basement is back for another season at the Pine Box Rock Shop, starting with a chat with Orange is the New Black‘s Yael Stone, comedy from Modern Seinfeld (but sadly not Seinfeld2000) Josh Gondelman and 2-for-1 beers (Friday)

4. Spank Rock is coming to Glasslands, in case you’ve found your music a little too lacking in sex lately (Friday)

5. Good news, fans of knitting, crocheting and weaving: it’s time once again for the Kings County Fiber Festival. So stock up on your yarn and shit (Saturday)

6. Hey Antibalas is playing here. Take that, colonial oppression! (Saturday)

7. Big Daddy Kane AND Questlove are gonna be in Bed-Stuy at Restoration Rocks, so bring your dancing shoes. And pants. And shirt. Your dancing outfit, basically, is what you’ll need (Saturday)

8. Don’t want to have to choose between standup or short comedic films? Good news! You won’t have to at Comedy Love, at Videology (Saturday)

9. Learn to sew at Brooklyn Launchpad, because it’s embarrassing how your downstairs neighbor sewed the button back on your pants for you when you asked her for a safety pin to put in its place (Saturday or Sunday)

10. How many great artists are there in Gowanus? Well, we don’t have an exact count, but you can see work from thirteen of them and enjoy some sweet tunes, isn’t that enough for you? (Sunday)

11. It’s Sunday, a day for church. Instead of spending the day at the church of football, spend it at Spectacle’s FIST CHURCH, where you’ll get some old school kung-fu movie treats (Sunday)

12. Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio has a new sideproject you can see at Union Pool, but don’t go and keep asking for TVOTR songs. That’d be a jerk move (Sunday)

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