Ride Brooklyn will teach you to ride city streets today. For free!

Don't worry, they won't be taking you on the BQE...yet. via Flickr user CalebPitt
Don’t worry, they won’t be taking you on the BQE…yet. via Flickr user CalebPitt

You’ve got your brand new bike or your new CitiBike fob and you just can’t wait to ride. Then you go for a ride and are completely overwhelmed by the potholes, the traffic, the yelling (oh the yelling) and people who almost door you. Don’t put your bike away in defeat though. Instead, ride on up to Williamsburg tomorrow and take part in Virtuous Bicycle’s intro class on riding in the city.

Where the Bike Lane Ends will be hosted at Ride Brooklyn’s Williamsburg location (50 North 7th Street) at 7pm. There, Lance Jacobson of Virtuous Bicycle will teach you everything you need to know about how to ride a bike around here without wanting to throw up from stress, and even how to make it fun. You’ll learn your traffic rights (you have many!) and they even promise you’ll elicit “respect, even appreciation” from the drivers you share the road with.

We have our doubts about that last part, which is why soon we’re going to put together our own master class on biking in the city. You’ll learn such key skills as what to yell at people who door you, how to publicly shame them on the internet and the joys of sharing the road with Flushing Avenue’s Mack trucks.


  1. Can they teach bike riding dickheads to not ride the wrong way up a 1-way street or teach them how to follow ANY traffic law?

    Seriously, bikes should be banned in NYC. They hit pedestrians, get hit by cars, dont follow any rules, and then we all have to cry when they get doored or worse. THEY are the problem. This is coming from someone who doesnt drive either. Ive been hit by these worthless piles of human garbage blowing through stop signs 5 times this year!

    • Conal Darcy

      And don’t get me started on people with wheelchairs. Just the other day some guy who claimed to have a broken leg ran over my foot! I say give ’em a cane and tell them to shut the hell up. They shouldn’t get any choice in how they move around this city.

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