Reminder: you’ve still got time to win the ‘Brooklyn to Mars’ back catalog

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So Brooklyn just had its now annual tradition of zine makers and lovers all getting together and talking about, celebrating and of course, buying zines. Missed it? Ah well, there’s always next year. Or maybe you’re the type that wants some zines but doesn’t want to leave the house? Good thing for you then that we partnered up with Markus Almond to give away three copies of his fabulous, handmade production, Brooklyn to Mars, eh?

As a reminder: Brooklyn to Mars is a self-published magazine as old school as it gets. Publisher Markus Almond types every word on the paper himself, copies and assembles it himself and goes around drops it off at Spoonbill and Sugartown himself. And the labor or love comes with a lot of damn labor: typing, cutting, pasting and copying all the pages in each issue takes over 20 hours. Which would explain why it only comes out twice a year and is limited to 100 issues for each run. And here he is, being nice enough to give some away. What a guy.

Sounds awesome huh? If you’re as excited about Brooklyn to Mars as we are, you can enter our giveaway and be one of the seven lucky people to win the three copies of it that Markus has published so far. Maybe it’ll even be the thing that launches you into a new era of positive thinking. Crazier things have happened. We assume.

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