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Reminder: Brooklyn Cyclones tickets go on sale Saturday, May 10

brooklyn cyclones
You too can root root root for the home team. via Facebook

It’s been professional baseball season for a little over a month now, and hey, the Mets haven’t been a completely embarrassment. There’s some other professional baseball team around here too, but we don’t talk about them. The only problem with the Mets is that despite all the Groupons and giveaways, they’re still usually an expensive ticket. So thank goodness the Brooklyn Cyclones are here to provide us with truly cheap baseball down at the beach, and thank even more goodness that tickets to see them go on sale tomorrow, May 10, at 10am.

Beyond the fact that the Mets have a farm system that’s actually pretty good, and that people like Juan Lagares and Jenry Mejia have passed through Coney Island on their way to the majors, it’s worth going to Cyclones games because of the promotional nights. Obviously Seinfeld Night has received the most press, but there are plenty of other promo night games to look forward to.

For instance, two separate nights honor the legendary Gil Hodges, with a bobblehead and jersey giveaways on August 1 and August 14 respectively. Perfect for those of you (us) that are bitter about the fact that Hodges is good enough to have a bridge named after him but apparently not good enough for the stupid Hall of Fame. There’s Star Wars Night on August 2, Hockey Jersey Night on July 17 and something called “Selfie Sunday” on August 3, during which you can take pre-game pictures with the players. Presumably, pre-game selfies.

Tickets are as cheap as ever, and if you really want to get thrifty, every ticket to every Wednesday game is just $10. The odds are that this will be another summer that the Mets disappoint come June, so buy some tickets to get to MCU Park and at least see how the team’s future is gonna be.

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