Coney Island/ Brighton Beach/ Sheepshead Bay

Remembering the time King Koopa invaded Coney Island

mario bros. brooklyn
A young Joe Sitt watched this and suddenly, had an idea

It’s a well-established fact that the Mario Brothers are from Brooklyn. And of course they are, because where else would two noble, resourceful Italian plumbers be from? In their travels through the Mushroom Kingdom in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, only once did the plumbers’ home borough face any blowback from the Kingdom’s tyrannical would-be ruler, King Koopa. But when he came to Brooklyn, he almost managed to pull a Thor Equities and ruin Coney Island.

If you think the gentrification of Brooklyn looks bad now, just imagine what it would be like under the orders of an ugly fat reptile with noive bigger than his schnozzola. The whole episode, “Flatbush Koopa” is glorious really, even if the Cyclone is renamed “The Famous Rollercoaster” for whatever reason. But like any good visit to Coney, mushroom power saves the day, and the Brooklyn accent-hating Koopa didn’t get to pull off his plan of blowing up the Brooklyn Bridge and making all Brooklyn accents illegal.

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