Relive middle school with Punderdome co-host Jo Firestone

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Basically our middle school style

Middle school students are maybe the worst people on Earth. This includes when we were in middle school too. It’s not their fault, it’s just a really awkward age and people respond to their bodies going through weird changes with casual cruelty and hilarious attempts at seeming older than they are. Like with an over-sexualized talent show act, perhaps. Jo Firestone, co-host of the Punderdome, remembers all of that and is bringing it to Glasslands’ stage on Monday with a show called the Ridgefield Middle School Talent Nite.

Of course, instead of getting actual middle school students to parade up there and laugh at, Firestone and her co-host Dylan Marron are going to perform as the middle school students themselves.They’ll be playing 16 different “performers” and if their preview video is any indication, it’ll run the gamut from bad standup to ventriloquism to a wonderful attempt to be a fly girl. Jo is funny enough that we trust this will provide laughs. Don’t forget to bring a date, because after the talent show, there’s a middle school dance DJed by Robi D Light. And no one wants to be that lonely soul standing by the punch bowl watching everyone else awkwardly slow dance. Again.

Ridgefield Middle School Talent Nite, Monday April 1, 8:30pm – 11pm, Glasslands Gallery (289 Kent Avenue), $10

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