An adorable tour of cutesy Brooklyn

Get on the cute bus. Via Flickr's Daniel Roode.

Valentine’s Day is just like any other day, except that everyone’s heart gets a whole lot cuter! No matter if you’re single or coupled up, the most important thing to remember is to keep it cute the whole day long! Lucky for you, Brooklyn is one of the cutest towns around, and Brokelyn’s made you a list of all kinds of cute things to do on Valentine’s Day, ya lil’ cutie.



Watch: the Dog Run at Prospect Park

Via Flickr's Mike Sheehan.

Cute-lil-doggies run free in sectioned-off areas of Prospect Park.
Where: Prospect Park, middle and upper Long Meadow (excludes ballfield area in the lower Long Meadow), Nethermead, Peninsula.
Couples: Kiss in front of the dogs. Think about what it’s going to be like when you guys have one all to yourselves.
Singles: Look at the dogs, then look at your phone!


Snacktime: Miniature cookies at One Girl Cookies

Delicious mini cookies, cupcakes and other treats are served up at this cute Cobble Hill bakery and coffeeshop.
Where: Cobble Hill, 68 Dean St.; Dumbo, 33 Main St.
Couples: Share a plate of some of the cutest miniature cookies in Brooklyn. Get one of their delicious cupcakes and smear icing on each other’s noses!
Singles: Eat a cookie! Then look at your phone!


Breakfast: 606 R&D

This newly opened restaurant offers fresh donuts and French press coffee on Saturday and Sunday mornings until noon.
Where: Prospect Heights, 606 Vanderbilt Ave.
Couples: Start your Valentine’s Day early with coffee and a couple fresh donuts to share (at $1.50 a pop) for a simple and romantic Sunday morning.
Singles: Why not — fresh donuts + the weekend = relationship-schmalationship!


Drink: Camp 

Photo by Lindsay Buckley.

This local bar offers a nice variety of good clean fun! Featuring board games, s’mores, and Tuesday night Karaoke (and just guess what day Valentine’s Day falls on!).
Where: Cobble Hill, 179 Smith St.
Couples: You’ll look like tools feeding each other s’mores but go ahead … everyone’s doing karaoke anyways, so you’ll fit right in!
Singles: This may be one of those activities to bring some friends to.


Watch: Brooklyn Heights Cinema 

The 40-year-old building is a quaint, classic and now endangered movie theater in old Brooklyn. What’s cuter than endangered creatures?
: Brooklyn Heights. 70 Henry St.
Couples: Movies! Kissin’! Kissin’ in the Movies! A classic activity!
Singles: Go to the movies. A classic activity! Don’t be afraid to tell those moron punks in front of you to knock it off and get a room, ya cliché’ a$sholes! Try to not check your phone.


Fun-Bathe: Candy in Coney Island

William's Candy Store. Photo via Yelp.

The summer hotspot becomes the winter notspot for those looking for a more Blue Lagoon-esque Valentine’s Day.
Where: Coney Island. Duh.
Couples: Make love like nobody’s watching! Because at this time of year, Coney Island’s got nobody watching!
Singles: A quiet place to read and gather your thoughts … outside! Check out William’s Candy Store for cheap candy and ice cream sundaes if you start to get restless.


Caketime: Cake Man Raven’s

A world-famous red velvet cake joint planted right in the heart of Fort Greene.
Where: Fort Greene. 708 Fulton St.
Couples: Split a piece of this decadent and legendary cake over at Fort Greene’s famous Cake Man Raven Café, just upstairs from the store front. As we all know, red velvet is the color and texture of passion.
Singles: It’s a giant $6 piece of cake, and it’s all yours if you want it. Why not take out those Valentine’s blues on a very delicious treat. As we all know, red velvet is the color and texture of velvet on fire and covered in blood.


Shop: Kings County General Store at Southpaw

Photo via Kings County General Store FB.

Southpaw transforms into a giant indoor market for local goods this Sunday from 12pm-6pm. Complimentary Reyka Vodka coctails from 12pm-1pm while supplies last!
Where: Park Slope, 125 Fifth Ave.
Couples: Sneak off and get your honey something unique and totally “them.” It won’t be too hard to find at this quirky once-a-month marketplace, especially with this month’s having a Valentine’s Day theme!
Singles: Get something for yourself that’s totally “you.” It won’t be too hard to find at this quirky once-a-month marketplace, especially with this month’s having an indoor market theme!


Drink: Bushwick Country Club

Photo by — and featuring! — Bitchcakes NY.

Hit up this dive bar for cheap drinks, photo booth pictures, mini golf and cheese doodles to boot!
Where: East Williamsburg, 618 Grand St.
Couples: Photo booth pictures!? Mini golf in the backyard!?
Singles: Did somebody say CHEESE DOODLES?


Education: Exotic Curves Pole Fitness Studio

Photo via Facebook.

Learn to get your sexy on with classes offered every night. Prices range from $10-$15 per class.
Where: Bay Ridge. 908 Fifth Ave.
Couples: Maybe not the place for couples. You know, it’d be kinda weird … “Oh no, I’m just here to watch.”


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