Relive the meh ol’ days at My So-Called Life Party

We're also thrilled
We’re also thrilled

Adolescence. It’s hard. And confusing. And it produces lots of 20 and 30 somethings with residual existential angst, because what is this whole life thing supposed to be about, really. The only thing we can think of that’s even angstier than being a teen is pretty much everything about the 90s. Forget the whole grunge thing. How are we supposed to feel about Russia without the Cold War? How do we define sexual relations anyway? Is age really nothing but a number? The whole damn decade was just a long listless sigh. So it follows that if you’re looking to get your angst fix, My So-Called Life is what you’re seeking: a show about 90s teenagers that unfairly got cancelled just as it started to get going, because what’s more anguishing than getting chopped down just as things start looking up? Life, man.

Even if your 20s and 30s (or 50s if you’re reading this, Mom) aren’t still plagued by such introspective brooding over life and meaning and purpose and expression, it’s nice to be nostalgic and refeel those feels. Videology’s helping you go back to the meh ol’ days with a My So-Called Life Party where they’ll watch a couple episodes, play some drinking games and trivia, and provide a space to mourn one of the greatest shows that barely was. If you were born on the later side (like Ilana!) and know Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars and not Liberty High, throw on some flannel anyway and get a lesson on what real angst is. The party starts Friday at 9:30pm and costs $5, but can you really put a price on catharsis? We think not.

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