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Real estate exec unlocks the secret of roping in Millennials

Two Millennials thinking of their next authentic bocce ball tweet. via Flickr user Taxi for Gble
Two Millennials, thinking only of their next authentic bocce ball tweet. via Flickr user Taxi for Gable

If you read the Times this weekend, you probably saw the story about young people moving to Ridgewood because it’s close to Bushwick and cheap. This blog will now be known as Brokeridge because Ridgewood is so hot! What you may have missed near the end of the article was a real estate agent expertly distilling young people into marketing goop they were desperately crying out to be distilled into.

Pity the poor executives who have to market their wares to the fickle Millennials, that ADD-addled generation that just moves from authentic sext partner to authentic sext partner while checking their Klout score compulsively. But David Maundrell, who’s marketing a new building on DeKalb Avenue, has figured out how to appeal to this mysterious generation:

Colony 1209 will be aimed at “trendsetting” 20-somethings, said David J. Maundrell III, the founder of, a New York brokerage that specializes in the marketing of new developments. Indoor bocce courts and a vintage arcade with games like Donkey Kong are on the long list of planned amenities. If the place is not promoted correctly, he pointed out, the bohemian sensibilities of the target audience could be offended.

“I have to be authentic with this,” said Mr. Maundrell, who has employed a photographer living in Bushwick to capture the essence of the neighborhood in pictures to be used in advertising. The building’s home page will include the Twitter feed of Bushwick Daily, an in-the-know blog. “They don’t like corporate,” he said of his prospective tenants. “You can’t fool around.”

Bocce ball. Trendsetting. Bohemian. Donkey Kong. Twitter. Authentic.


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