Make it a better C train. A C train that doesn’t accidentally wind up at Carroll Street. via Flickr user Julian Dunn

The C train this, the C train that. Our beloved rickety subway line has been the subject of much chagrin, and all of its coming closures aren’t helping the situation any. But since MTA officials are continuing to use the excuse “because Sandy,” it’s hard to decide which shortfalls in service we should chock up to natural disasters, and which ones are just plain unacceptable. Well, if you want to get some rant out of your system in the presence of people who might actually be able to do something about it, then head over to Bed-Stuy’s Brooklyn Movement Center (375 Stuyvesant Avenue) Wednesday at 7pm, where the Riders’ Alliance is hosting a C train think-tank with free pizza!

The Riders’ Alliance, an organization made up of politically-minded straphangers, often has these town-hall style meetups where disgruntled riders can air their grievances, as well as voice their ideas for better ridership. It should also be noted that they seem to get results, as they helped beat the “Fix the G train” drum loudly and look what happened there. The C train has been a hot topic with them for a while now. That’s probably because C service has gotten only less reliable over the past year, and the MTA has yet to do anything about it.

Since we’re paying more and more for a service that’s getting worse and worse, there’s no sense in grumbling about it on the platform where your voice won’t be heard. Do your commuter-self a favor and check out the Riders Alliance meeting tomorrow night. Besides, who doesn’t love free pizza?

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  1. I gotta say, I’ve been riding the C train from Brooklyn for the past month for a new job and it is by far THE WORST train the system. I frequently can’t get on the 1st train and I have waited 25 minutes for a train at 8:30 AM. Today I took the G to the A just to avoid the C. THE G!!!!! It’s FASTER!!

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