M train, G train getting huge upgrades in new MTA budget

This will finally take you out of Brooklyn on the weekends. via Flickr user Vincenzosi
This will finally take you out of Brooklyn on the weekends. via Flickr user Vincenzosi

Maybe these fare hikes are actually doing some good? Although don’t say that too loud, for feat that the MTA will keep up with them. But, for the second year in a row, surpluses in the MTA budget will lead to service on bus and train lines being restored across the city, and even improved, especially in the case of the G train, which is getting the improvements recommended after the MTA studied it.

According to Crain’s, there was enough money in this year’s MTA budget to pay for expanding G train service to every eight minutes between 3pm and 9pm on weekdays, along with improved placement of benches and the addition of public address systems in stations that don’t have them. Residents of Bushwick will also be happy to hear that the M train will cease its infernal shuttle system and finally run all the way to Delancey Street in Manhattan, which will give you access to all of Brooklyn and into Manhattan.

On the bus side of the equation, southwest Brooklyn will see the B37, B70 and B8 bus service restored, which will both make life easier for residents of the area and also be another way for bearded, skinny jeans-clad young people to access the area. Sorry guys, :(.


  1. Patrick

    I don’t get it. What’s the point of the M being able to run to Delancey Street on the weekend when the J already does that? Now if it was all the way to say 6th Av., then obviously that’s a different story.

    • David Colon

      The words of a man who’s never had to take the M from Knickerbocker to Marcy, only to have to get off at Myrtle-Broadway and wait for a J train.

      • People have delt with the M shuttle for 40 something years with no real complaints ,now all of sudden theres a bunch of nasty white hipster transplants complaining about having to just -wait-, like everyone else has been for years, MTA says O.K. we’ll extend it just a lil bit. Bullshit.

        Just gonna make waiting for a train to leave Delancey longer cause of the switching and relaying involved with M train all while J trains are still moving through to the next station. Delancey has 3 tracks but the switches arent set up for it to be a quick turnaround terminal station at all.

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