With G train conquered, everyone wants a better C train now

c train
One of the MTA’s many modern C trains that everyone hates for some reason. via Flickr user Mike Knell

Given how tired everyone is of making G train jokes, because come on that’s so 2006 (and the MTA has finally committed to doing something about it), it’s time we all get tired of another train. The Riders Alliance suggests we focus our demands for better service at the city’s second-worst train line, the C train. Obviously some Brokelyn writers might object to the idea, but for the rest of us who’ve stared down the tunnel wondering “Where the fuck is this thing?” as four A trains zoom by on the express track, it seems like as good a time as any to ask the MTA to fix the C.

The Riders Alliance talked to DNA Info about the many problems facing the C train, namely that they say it’s overcrowded, infrequent and slow. So overcrowded and infrequent that people get into fistfights over the seats, according to one C train ride the site talked to.

The MTA is studying the issue of the C train’s badness at the moment, but rather than wait around for the results, the Riders Alliance is calling frustrated C train rider to a meeting tonight at 6:30pm at the Brooklyn Movement Center (375 Stuyvesant Avenue), where they’ll discuss how to push for things like newer trains, more audible service announcements and more frequent trains. Still, given how long it took to get the G train up to snuff, we’d say you have plenty of time to start shooting your viral videos and writing standup sets around the theme of the “The C is bad and not good.”

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