A MetroCard will run you $2.75 with the fare hike

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We’ve known for a couple of months now that a fare hike was definitely coming this year, and we’ve also known for sure that it would mean a monthly card was going to be $116.50. Whew that’s a lot of money. Almost enough to buy a bike, hint hint. The one thing we didn’t know for sure whether the base fare for a ride on the train would run you $2.50 or if it would go up to $2.75. Now we know though, and surprise surprise, the MTA picked the more expensive option.

So, your new base fare just go get onto the C train platform and wait around for 12 minutes before a scratchy announcement tells you there’s an ongoing investigation three stops away and your train will be delayed is going up to $2.75. The good news, if there’s any, is that at least it means the the bonus still exists, and it’s been bumped up to 11% on a round trip purchase. Other than that, we guess at this point we’re so beaten down by constant fare hikes and the MTA’s ongoing fiscal crisis that we’ll take just a 25 cent increase. After all, it could be worse.

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