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R.I.P. to the Nuteria, Park Slope’s Nutella haven

Goodbye, Nuteria. via Instagram user dallekvist

One of Brooklyn’s age-old questions has finally been answered: If you opened a shop devoted entirely to mayonnaise and a shop devoted entirely to Nutella, which one would last longer? The answer, surprisingly, turns out to be the mayonnaise shop, with word coming down from Park Slope Stoop that the Nuteria has quietly thrown in the chocolatey towel.

Park Slope Stoop noticed that the doors of the store that sold Nutella and crepes hadn’t opened their doors for a couple of weeks, that the website was no longer, phone calls go right to voicemail and the Google+ page said the businesses was closed. We’d also add that the Facebook page hasn’t been updated in two months, so we’d say based on the physical and social media clues, you just can’t do business in Brooklyn on the basis of “Hey! Come buy some Nutella!”

Of course, you especially can’t do it on the basis of Nutella if the actual company that makes Nutella sues you over biting their style. Which, since the Nuteria was first known as the Nutelleria, that happened. Twice actually, as changing their name from “Nutelleria” to “Nuteria” wasn’t enough for Nutella’s parent company, Ferrero. So, with this place gone, we guess you’ll have to get your Nutella from any of Brooklyn’s many grocery stores from now on. Good luck.

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