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Spread the word: Park Slope is getting a Nutelleria

Keep calm, please don’t break our door down you maniacs. via Instagram

We don’t know what it is about Nutella that makes people INSANE for it (is it the Kobe endorsement?), but that’s what it does, and we can live with that. What we’re unsure of is whether Nutella fans in Brooklyn will be able to keep it together now that the word is out, courtesy of Park Slope Stoop, that a Nutella bar is going to open in Park Slope soon.

The Nutelleria, apparently the work of “Nutella enthusiasts” who want to spread their weird religious belief that a hazelnut/cocoa spread is better than good old fashioned God-fearing American peanut butter. The store is opening on 82 5th Avenue, and according to Park Slope Stoop, will be serving food with Nutella pairings like crepes and a “breakfast pizza,” which sounds all kinds of wrong.

There’s no word on when the Nutelleria will be opening up, but according to the FAQ, there’s no dress code and you won’t have to bring your own spoon. So in the fall, when you walk past a storefront where a horde of pantsless people are eating Nutella, you can at least wander away knowing that they’re not violating any dress codes.

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