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‘Not’-eria: Park Slope’s Nuteria being sued yet again by Nutella

This ain’t kosher, apparently. via Instagram user dallekvist

Apparently imitation isn’t the dearest form of flattery, and neither is all-out worshipping: Nutella, the unstoppable behemoth of chocolate-hazelnut spreads, is suing Nuteria, the Park Slope shop dedicated to all things Nutella-y, yet again for having a name that is too similar to their own moniker according to the Daily News. Aw, nuts.

The Nuteria shop, which first started off as Nutelleria in November of last year, has already faced threats of one lawsuit from Big Nutella and been forced to change their name, but it turns out the new Nuteria still isn’t far enough from that name which sends dessert-hungry people into a mindless frenzy.

Ferrero, the owner of Nutella and several other foreign treats, is suing for monetary damages, since the dessert bar mentioning on their website that they are not affiliated with the spread or its parent company in any way isn’t good enough. If the Nuteria loses, the owners will not only be forced to pay up, but to change the name yet again. Nuteria, or whatever it chooses to call its next reincarnation, may have seen this lawsuit coming, but either way they’ve decided to continue to serve Nutella-smothered…everythings. As a new name, might we suggest the Generic Hazelnut Spread Hut? No one has a trademark on that one yet.

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