Quick tip: Free beer with fish and chips

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We rarely run deals for just one bar, but this one was so popular hit last year it’s worth a mention. Longbow Pub & Pantry in Bay Ridge is back with its summer special that’s a twist on the get-a-pizza-with-your-beer idea: Every Wednesday through the summer, the pub is offering a free draught beer with every ¬†order of fish and chips. The fish and chips are $12.50, and the beer is a “20-ounce proper Imperial pint,” but if that doesn’t hit your free food sweet spot, we’ve got the only guide you’ll ever need to free bar food in Brooklyn.

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  1. Lonestar offers the same deal with Ribs and certain other entrees (food is geared more BBQ and general pub food; very inexpensive) in the Bay Ridge Area, Nice outdoor patio and inside they play decent music. As far as bars go in this hood its most tolerable. Long Bow is deff good brit food though.

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