Put on your red shoes: Where to celebrate the life of David Bowie all week

He was really only visiting after all. Andrew Kent photo via Facebook
He was really only visiting after all. Andrew Kent photo via Facebook

Earlier this morning, we lost David Bowie, at 69, to cancer. The rockstar who many know as Ziggy Stardust had been going through a 16 month battle, unknown to anyone but his family and closest acquaintances. When the news came, it seems like all of us, together, came together to mourn the lost of The Man who Fell to Earth. It’s OK to be sad, it’s ok to play Station to Station or Hunky Dory on repeat for the next couple of hours, days or weeks.

However, we also want to celebrate the man who has touched so many people. He would want us all to put on our best red shoes and to just dance the blues away. We have a list of tributes, dance parties, screenings and more happening all week honoring Bowie. For Bowie, even we will cross lines and brave Manhattan. We got something for everyone, just like the music of David Bowie. 

We’ll keep updating this post throughout the week as more tributes pop up, so make sure to check back. 


Music Video Time Machine: Remembering David Bowie, 7pm

At The Fifth Estate in Park Slope, the people behind Music Video Time Machine, “an ongoing series of live event experiences, centered on playing classic music videos of a significant year, genre, theme, artist or category,” is wasting no time honoring Bowie. They will be showing, twisting and manipulating the many iconic music videos of David Bowie, who understood how to the art of the music video and used it perfectly to further his goal of mixing music, art and theater. (7pm)

C'mon everybody let's get Bowie.
C’mon everybody let’s get Bowie.

Monday Night Tribute: Bowie at C’mon Everybody, 8pm

Every second Monday of the month, C’Mon Everybody in Bed-Stuy hosts a tribute to someone, with a plethora of performers. Even though the news came just hours before, the people in charge knew they had no choice but to give this month’s tribute to the Thin White Man himself. Will only run you $10 a ticket, but good drinks, a good space and yes, good music is priceless when it all comes together like it will tonight (Note: Advance tix are sold out but there will be a limited number of tickets available at the door; arrive by 7:30 for your best shot).

All-day listening party at the Morbid Anatomy Museum

The Gowanus cafe and museum of odd curios is spinning the best of the Thin White Duke all day today. It’s a place Bowie would probably get a kick out of, so it seems fitting.



BOWtanica, 9pm

Botanica in Nolita will be honoring the music of David Bowie in the form of covers. The tribute will touch on the icon’s entire career, from his first eponymous album to Blackstar. Grab a drink, we all need a few of those after this news, and sing along with the many who will be there. Nothing helps ease tragedy like the company of those who share the things and people you love.

Bowie is a-maze-ing in this movie.
Bowie is a-maze-ing in this movie.

Labyrinth Screening at The House of Yes, 8pm

David Bowie made numerous appearances on film throughout his life. His last appearance on the silver screen was as Nikolas Telsa in Christopher Nolan’s 2006 drama about dueling magicians The Prestige. His introduction is classic Bowie. His most iconic performance is not as the inventor, but as Jareth, The Goblin King in Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. The House of Yes, in Bushwick, a place known for its theatrics is screening the cult classic so you can once more, take part in the Labyrinth drinking game.

Classic Album Sundays (on Tuesday) at Good Room, 8pm

The crew over at Good Room in Greenpoint are linking up with the awesome people over at Classic Album Sundays, to bring you a very special edition of one of their Classic Album events. This event will not focus on one particular album from Bowie (how can you pick just one?), but the man’s entire discography. DJ’s will be playing the songs that made him a legend for the last four decades and there will be a special screening of “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,” which if you’ve never seen before, there is no better time than to experience it, honoring his memory.

David Bowie memorial dance ride, 8pm

Something David Bowie did with each album, each change of wardrobe, was make people not feel bad because they were different or viewed as odd. He encouraged people to live without shame, to be themselves not matter what “normal” people thought. What he also did for us nerds, geeks and weirdos was make us feel like we were never really alone. So bring your bike to Botanica bar to meet up with you fellow weirdos and do what we think he would want you to do to celebrate his leaving the planet: Dance! In the streets! The ride will go from Botanica to Marie’s Crisis, blasting Bowie songs the whole way. Wear whatever you want, he certainly did.


via The Dissolve
via The Dissolve

Gemini & Scorpio Movie Night, 7pm

David Bowie understood the power of cinema. How images coming from the mind of directors can be used to tell stories and to further his career long exploration into identity. He was also in some weirdly awesome movies and the people at the Gemini & Scorpio lounge in Boerum Hill, where many costumed parties have taken place, will be playing movies featuring The Thin White Duke as The Goblin King and many more. It’s free (you could give them a donation don’t be a dick)


Via FB.
Via FB.

David Bowie Tribute Set at The Pyramid Club, 8pm

Bowie meant a lot to many different kinds of people. We refer to him today as a Glam-rocker, but his musical can not really but put in any particular genre. His style and music influenced pop, rock-n-roll and even punk. The Pyramid Club in the LES, where fans of punk and death metal frequently converge, will pay tribute to the late singer with DJ sets playing the best of Bowie all night in the Pyramid basement.


Feeling Gloomy will actually be a little gloomy this time.
Feeling Gloomy will actually be a little gloomy this time.

Feeling Gloomy Says Goodbye to David Bowie at The Grand Victory, 11pm (also Friday and Sunday now too)

Our friends the Brothers Gloom usually play plenty of Bowie anyway, but Feeling Gloomy parties are perfect for times like these. They put together this emergency Bowie edition of the party, the goal of which are to bring in people who are feeling awful and make them dance. After a week of having Spotify on in the background during the work week, we suggest going out to Williamsburg and dancing with a large group of people who are sad for the same reason you’re sad. Don’t forget to rock your red shoes.

UPDATE: Due to huge demand, the Brothers Gloom have expanded this into a three-day fest, including another show Sunday night at Grand Victory (which is almost sold out) and another at Littlefield on Friday. More details here.


So long, David.
So long, David.

Sally Can’t Dance: A Tribute to Bowie and Elvis at The Bowery Electric, 10pm

You started the weekend dancing to Bowie, you might as well end the weekend dancing to his memory as well. This will run you $10, but what’s an Alexander Hamilton to spend one more night dancing to celebrate the life of Ziggy Stardust once more.

JAN. 19

All Bowie Trivia Night at the Rookery, 8pm

The folks behind the Smashing Pub Quiz at Bushwick’s The Rookery revamped their event to be just questions about Mr. Bowie and his life. Trivia starts at 9:30 but get there at 8 for a music video set, and stick around after for a DJ party.

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