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Eventually, one must accept that six cups of coffee per day will turn pearly whites into canary yellows. What to do when you’ve decided that you wouldn’t mind smiling on occasion? Get ’em bleached—but don’t just go with whatever price your dentist rattles off. We comparison shopped for the three major teeth-whitening procedures at 100 licensed dentists from all over Brooklyn and found the cheapest ones.

We haven’t personally used their services—and even your grandmother can tell you never to pick a medical provider on the basis of price—but in these desperate times, yada yada etc. But we can tell you that all are licensed in New York State; we know because we checked here. (If you find some place cheaper, you should, too.) For more info on the various dental-bleaching processes (and what can go wrong), check with the American Dental Association.

After taking an impression of the teeth, the dentist creates trays for the patient which are filled with hydrogen peroxide-infused gel and placed on the teeth for 30 minutes to an hour. Teeth can be bleached up to 6-10 shades whiter, but more than one treatment is usually required.
PRICE RANGE: $500 – $650
CHEAPEST: $100, 4th Ave. Southern Dental, 9920 4th Avenue, Bay Ridge (718) 439-2988

A controlled laser light is used to activate a peroxide-based gel. After about an hour, teeth will be up to ten shades lighter. Only one treatment is necessary. For an additional fee, many dental offices provide custom take-home trays for touch-up purposes.
PRICE RANGE: $400 – $1200
CHEAPEST: $350, Denquest Service Corporation, Dorian Cucereanu DDS, 6321 18th Avenue, Bensonhurst (718) 331-6060; $350, Dental Art Care, Saleh A Elahwal DDS, 481 83rd Street, Bay Ridge (718) 748-1122

The dentist creates a custom tray and provides the patient with a peroxide solution to place in the tray for home use. The length of treatment varies per person, but usually consists of about a month of 8-hour nightly use. Results can start to be seen after the first week.
PRICE RANGE: $350 – $600
CHEAPEST: $195,  Dr. Ted Rothstein DDS, 35 Remsen Street, Brooklyn Heights (718) 852-1551


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